That’s How I Feel

One shoe on the side of the road

One bag in the wind blowing cold

One face in the picture I hold

That’s how I feel when I’m without you

One can in the back of the fridge

One doe sitting high on a ridge

One man with his foot off the bridge

That’s how I feel when I’m without you

I hold on when you’re gone

‘Cause I know that it won’t be for long

I just wish that I could be stronger

That’s how I feel when I’m without you

One bird fallen far from the nest

One heart beating wild through a breast

One child sat away from the rest

That’s how I feel when I’m without you

You and I don’t ever have to be afraid

‘Cause you and I are more than just one in the same

All I Ever Wanted

I’ve been growing tired but you don’t seem to care

You left out the scissors so I cut my hair

Leaving in your navy suit like a millionaire

Once upon a time you won me a teddy bear

Would you listen to me while I’m talking to you

No I’m not that hard to satisfy

All I ever wanted was a decent man

To give a damn and try

I went out with all the girls to get a drink

Margaritas deep enough to fill a sink

Now I’m spinning circles at the roller rink

Drunk enough that I don’t even have to think

If I pack my bags and say I’m gonna go

Would you try to stop me would you tell me no

Would you stand outside our room with a stereo

Or would you let me walk away in the evening glow

Like I Do

Back against the wall

Feet flat and standing tall

Smiling wide with your little rag doll

Remember when you were so small

Nobody’s gonna love you, like I do

Nobody’s gonna love you, like I do

Til I had a little baby, I never knew

That I could love someone like I love you

Yellow hair like a marigold

Big ol’ heart waiting to unfold

Your little hand in mine I hold

I’ll be here til you wanna let go

You used to fit right on my side

Spinning around like a merry-go-ride

Nothing to fear and nothing to hide

Wearing your soul right on the outside

And when the world does knock you down

You listen for the sweetest sounds

And to that voice of yours you’ve found

And they will never steal your crown

You Lie There

You lie there and you look so sad

Tell me is there anything I can do to make you glad

If I told you that I love you, would you walk away

Tell me that you’d stay

I can see you’re almost crying

I swear I’m trying to find a way

Would you go back where it all began

Would you fall for me all over again

Do you believe me honey when I say

ll I think about is you every night and day

Another Time

Girls who take medicine and understand

Just how it feels make the fastest of friends

Stood with our feet in the cold English Bay

Watched as the sky melted red orange and grey

Sat in the back we were singing

Voices like bells they were ringing

I know those boys were all dreaming of us

Did I, did I know you in another time

Laughing, locked arm in arm drinking too much wine

One day I’m begging we go on the road

Sharing the stage and the same postal code

Think of the sweet hypnotizing we’d do

Singing like sirens and chasing the blues

Sometimes I feel like I’m crazy inside

Thoughts I don’t mean to think pulling the tide

You never doubted a word that I said

But smiled and told me of the ones in your head

Go On

Go on and break it like I knew you would

Don’t try to fake it like you just meant good

Just like that little heart inside your chest

You’ll always do whatever serves you best

Go on, go on

Get out of my hair

Go on, go on

You don’t even care

And when he’s older do you think he will be blind

To all the memories and pictures in his mind

Of who was there to love and care for him the most

And who was sometimes there to flicker like a ghost

Maybe you’ll come around and change your ways

That fog you’re living in might finally raise

I know within you there is good deep down

But I’m done looking for a thing I never found

Darlin’ Boy

If I could show you that look in your eyes

You’d see the damage they do

How many beggars have you left behind

Clinging to memories of you

Now there’s a spark in the touch of your hand

I didn’t feel it before

I swore I’d fight it and never invite it

But I can’t deny it no more

Get along, get along darlin’ boy

There ain’t no place here for you

Rambling, gambling all my joy

Your love will never be true

You know the depth of the power you hold

Right in the palm of your hand

Walking around with your head in the clouds

Like your an innocent man

Now there’s a flutter I feel in my heart

I didn’t notice before

I swore I’d fight it and never invite it

But I can’t deny it no more

You’re not the first one to tumble around

Just like a weed in the wind

Knowing for certain that you’ll pull the curtain

And only in tears will it end

I feel a shadow familiar and quick

Swallow me up as before

I swore I’d fight and never invite it

But I can’t deny it no more

Walls of Me and You

I remember every single star

A million little scars

The night I packed my car

Bottles scattered on the kitchen floor

You promised and you swore

Not to go back for more

It’s time to tear it down, burn it to the ground

It wasn’t sound, it wasn’t true

It was bound to fall, nothing left at all

Between the walls of me and you

At first I thought we were meant to be

Then reality

Caught on up to me

All we did was lie awake at night

The television light

Erasing every fight

You kept me a secret to your friends

That should have been the end

Why did I still pretend

I played house just like a little kid

The silly things I did

Further away you slid

2 Step

Let me take you by the hand to dance once more

Let me lead you out on to the open floor

Let me hold you, let me hold you

I don’t want to dance the way you did before

Had your chance and left me standing at the door

I told you, I told you

You can say that you don’t love me

I know that you do

I could walk away

But I’ll come running back to you

I fall every time, I’m yours and your mine

Bet you think I missed you when you went away

Others waited patiently to take your place

Didn’t wait by the phone

No I wasn’t alone

I don’t doubt that many men would fall for you

Still it’s only me you’ve given your heart to

Pretend you don’t care

About our love affair

I’ll Be Coming Home

It’s still dark, no morning light

Will greet me as I take my flight

I didn’t dare kiss you goodbye

For fear you’d wake and start to cry

Lord knows you go on without me

You have a big ol’ time

But you’re on my mind

I’ll be heading down the road

But I don’t want to go

You know I’d go penniless

To stay and watch you grow

Still a living must be made

On a microphone

I may be a little late

But I’ll be coming home

I’ve travelled many miles from home

Through ruins and on cobblestone

Castles and tall buildings too

But none of it compares to you

I feel the tension on the tether

Tying me to you

Over oceans blue